Enchantment – A Conversation with Guy Kawasaki

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Kawasaki in advance of today's launch of his new book: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

Guy Kawasaki and Jeff Korhan

In the following podcast Guy shares his passion for entrepreneurism and small business, as well as some interesting stories about skillfully enchanting your customers, your employees, and even your boss.

We also recorded the video of our conversation, but my editing capabilities cannot seem to capture it in reasonable quality. Besides, the recording is just shy of 18 minutes, so it will be easier for you to download it for a listen when you have time.

Click to the left of the word Podcast to play here – or right click to download the mp3.


Enchantment is a Skill

Skills can be learned, and this book provides very practical ideas for doing so with the skill of enchantment. What is enchantment? Guy defines it as the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization or idea – with the outcome being a mutually beneficial relationship.

Business relationships are indeed personal, and making the effort to connect with even a few people at a high level can make all the difference for the future success of your small business.  

We discussed in detail how social media has transformed the world of marketing that many of us used to know. It's no longer about selling to buyers, but building mutually beneficial relationships that create better and more sustainable solutions.

Nobodies are the New Somebodies

One of my favorite take-aways from Enchantment is the phrase –  nobodies are the new somebodies. Just by agreeing without hesitation to do an interview with a nobody like me, Guy proves he understands classic or traditional forms of marketing are largely dead.

Do you really want to call yourself a nobody Jeff?  Yes, this is actually a compliment that acknowledges the fact that we all have a voice and a contribution to make, and the social Web has amplified our ability to be equally heard.  

Today you can accomplish a great deal by serving your fans or customers well.  And when you do, it's likely they will buy or recommend virtually everything that you have to offer.  Social media allows you to reach out – and to do so with personality.

You can personalize your media better than anyone. This is why social media works so well for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as compared to the traditional media outlets that repackaged our message in such a way that took out the very thing that made it work – us!

Plant Seeds and Let Them Grow

Guy Kawasaki and I agree about one thing – social media takes a concerted effort. It takes work, what Guy refers to as a willingness to grind it out.  Put another way, he notes that you have to plant a lot of seeds and let them grow.

You really don't know which of your ideas will find fertile ground, so you have to be willing to share more than you believe is necessary to enchant your customers.

Providing practical examples, Guy says being enchanting is as easy as being likeable, trustworthy, and having a great product or service. Who's likeable?  Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines.  Trustworthiness is what Zappos built their WOW customer service around.  And Apple is famously known for the cutting edge quality of their products.

What is your most enchanting quality?  

It's a good question to consider if you want to build mutually beneficial relationships.  

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.  BTW, if you Like The Enchantment Facebook page you can download a free copy of one of Guy's earlier books – The Macintosh Way.


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Until tomorrow,  Jeff 

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  1. Looks like a good book. I wonder does he cover storytelling as part of enchantment?

  2. Hugh – Not directly, although there are personal stories from real people at the end of each chapter that help to bring the lessons or message home.

    It’s very tactical, with each chapter subdivided into key points – e.g. I just cracked up to a chapter How To Launch and the sections are Illustrate the Salient Point, Present the Big, Then the Little, and Get Your First Follower.

    I would say it is tactical but he keeps it interesting with lots of personal shared experiences and those of others.


  3. the photo is so funny. what do you think about it.

  4. It really does come down to “plant a lot of seeds and let them grow.”

    And that of course takes a lot of faith and patience. The great news is that “the dip” can be so gnarly that it weeds out the dabblers.

    You can’t just throw money at this like you can with advertising. It comes down to creativity and commitment, something that many smaller business owners and independent professionals have plenty of!

  5. Well said, that dip has tried to suck me under many times – like most of last month.

    I think we all thought this would be easy when we got into it, but you have accurately identified the fact that it’s not a place for dabblers. 🙂