Facebook Page Upgrades for Personalization

It is once again time to invest your time into adapting to new Facebook changes – this time in regards to your Facebook pages.  If you have not yet upgraded, you will forced to do so very soon – as early as (and possibly no later than) March 10th.

This video and the following list will give you an idea of what you can expect.

New Tagged Photo Display

Just as your personal profile highlights the photos in which you are most recently tagged – now so will your page.  One interesting feature I've noticed is that unlike your personal profile, the images on your page are shuffled – just click refresh on your browser to see.

Tabs are Replaced by Links

The tab navigation has been replaced by links on the sidebar. This does not mean that pages such as your Welcome tab are gone – simply that they have been replaced by links on the left sidebar.  

Incidentally, one of the strongest moves you can make with your Facebook page is having a Welcome page with a specific call to action. 

Posts Displayed According to Engagement Level

I have not noticed this yet on my Facebook page, but what we are to expect is that your Facebook posts that generate the most interaction and engagement will be displayed first – as opposed to previously being arranged chronologically.

Theoretically, this means that a comment or two will relocate a post to encourage even more conversation. The effectiveness of this feature will greatly depend upon how quickly Facebook can index that interaction.

Receive Email Notifications of Page Activity

Previously, the only way to stay on top of interactions with your Facebook page community was to use a service such as Postling.  Now you can receive email notifications from Facebook by updating your page settings.

You Can Be Yourself or Your Page

One feature that will come in handy for many of us is the ability to assume our personal role while commenting and otherwise interacting on Facebook, or doing so as a page. Whah?

That's right, you can interact as yourself or a your Facebook page.  While being able to comment and like other pages as a page may initially seem to encourage less personalization, I believe it will do the opposite. 

There will be many of us that will forget whether we are logged in as ourselves or as page admins. This will encourage us to let loose and just be ourselves, which of course will lead to business and professional pages becoming more personal.

There's Still More

There are many more features such as being able to block those that use questionable language, and also a feature for being able to adjust your business category – something that was previously impossible.  So, for example, if you selected local business for your page and you are really a consultant like me that works around the world, you can now make that adjustment.

The only way for you to fully take advantage of these new features for your small business is to take the tour that Facebook offers, make the upgrade, and then take the time to study and experiment.  It's really not difficult, but like so many other things involving social media it does take some time.

What's the motivation behind all of this?  For the most part it is to clean-up and shrink pages to create more room for advertising on the right sidebar. That's the simplistic explanation.

Going a bit deeper, you can easily discern that having personal profiles and pages looking and feeling the same is going to blur the lines between what is personal and what is professional.  The motivation? – you guessed correctly (search – especially social search!).

This is just one more step towards business personalization.  

Don't you think this will encourage businesses to operate more personally, beginning with Facebook, and then transcending to business in general?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff

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