This is What Happens When You Listen and Take Action

A few days after giving a presentation on social marketing to a group of tree care professionals I received an email inquiry: "Should I maintain both a professional and personal social media presence? Do I need to keep them separate or is it OK to integrate them?  What is the best way to do that?"

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Over years of presenting on the topics of social marketing and networking, I had assumed that this was something that didn't need to be addressed.  I assumed wrong.

I have an iron-clad  rule that I adhere to when it comes to my business. Give every inquiry your full consideration. What is important to one member of your small business community is usually relevant to many others that have not stepped forward.

For this reason, in addition to responding to this young man via email, I also dedicated a blog post to it. To my surprise, the traffic I received from Personal vs. Professional Social Media Accounts easily topped that of others – as evidenced by the perfect 10.0 engagement score it achieved through PostRank.

This is an excellent example of how the interaction of blogging makes you better at whatever you do – provided you take the time to listen, and then take action. You may not speak professionally, but you have customers and they have questions and concerns. Are you addressing them?

You can approach this in a number of ways.  One approach that I use is to blog about a topic to liberate my ideas, and then take that to my customer. Another is to make a timely response to my customer while later blogging about it to thoroughly address it at all levels.

That's what I did in this particular situation. I responded via email, blogged on the topic, and then sent another email to my new friend.  Sure, there is some extra work involved, but it all comes down to this.

How good do you want to be?

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Until tomorrow,  Jeff 

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