A Non-Linear Strategy for Enhanced Productivity

Does it make sense to have a linear work strategy in a non-linear world?  

2010.12.26 The Fighter

Do You Always Come Out Swinging?

Over the weekend we saw the movie The Fighter.  Yes, I highly recommend it – and no, if you have not seen it, I'm not going to share anything that will affect your enjoyment of it when you do.

There was one particular match where the fighter chooses a strategy to hold back during the first half-dozen or so rounds – strategically restraining his energies to later go on the attack.

His opponent chose a very direct and common strategy – he came out swinging.  Isn't that what most of us do in our businesses?  While that approach may be strategic, much of the time it probably isn't.

For example, when you have multiple projects running simultaneously, each one demands your attention. As a result, you bounce from one project to the other – trying to move each one further along its linear path to completion.  

This means none of them are likely to receive your full and undivided attention – your best effort.

A Non-Linear Use of Time is Strategic

In the world of fighting, it may make sense to give your best effort when your opponent is tired and cannot deliver theirs. And so it is in business.  Choose when you will hold back on certain projects, so as to give your full attention to others.

This means choosing when is the best time. Time is linear – and it definitely waits for no one.  Yet, you can use it more effectively by choosing to allocate it to your projects according to what works best for you and the work at hand – to make it a fight you can win.

While time is indeed linear, you are not.  Consider the time of the day, the day of week, the duration necessary for each project, etc.  Then follow your plan.  

As you know, my plan in 2011 will be to FINISH my projects – with special emphasis on those that I should have finished this year.  I guarantee you I will succeed, because I'll be using my time more effectively.

It's easy to come out swinging.  The challenge is sustaining the effort – not just avoiding fatigue, but also boredom and distractions.

My focus will be using my time well to finish a project before moving on to the next. This could be completing a draft of an article, with the edit being another project – as opposed to lets say writing half of one article and then jumping to another project.

You get the idea. Even one small victory feels better than a mountain of unfinished work.  

But that's me.  

How can this work in your business?

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