Quality or Quantity Blog Posting for SEO?

The SEO or search engine optimization of your blog is most effectively enhanced by increasing the frequency of your posting and by attracting more inbound links.  Which is more important?  This is a question I received today during an interactive presentation to a group of specialty fabrics manufacturers and suppliers.  

Frequency Gets Your Content Noticed

Inbound links are arguably the most important contributing factor to your search engine ranking. The reason for this is the authority that comes from credible inbound links is a derivative of quality content that merits that valuable link.  

So, if you had to choose, it would be preferable to opt for delivering quality content less frequently. The problem with that strategy is that regardless of your quality, you are less likely to get noticed to attract those links if you are posting infrequently.

Consistent Posting is Key

There some that measure your credibility by noticing your posting patterns. Pros post frequently, either on their blog and on the other social networks, such as their Facebook page. Most significantly, they do so on a regular schedule

Random posting indicates a lack of commitment.  That is the surest way to kill your subscriber and reader base.  You are essentially telling them you have more important activities to attend to. Regular publishing respects the audience. It builds expectations that encourage them to come back for more.  

Measure Your Blog Reach

If you are the kind of person that likes to measure your results, you will be pleased to learn that Google has recently upgraded their Feedburner service interface to provide you with stats on the reach of your blog posts:  click-throughs and views.

Additionally, it aggregates this data to further drill down to the top referrers. I find this especially valuable, because I have noticed increased traffic from several sources from my TypePad dashboard. Now Google's Feedburner validates those stats with even more useful detail.

As just one example, if you happen to write guest blog posts of author columns as I do, its nice to quantify the traffic that those extra efforts generate. 

If you would like to learn more on this topic, here is an earlier post I wrote on how often you should blog, which specifically considers the three audiences you are blogging for.

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Until tomorrow, Jeff 

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