QR Codes for a Good Cause

2010Oct26 Graeter's
Curious QR Codes

Today I was driving through southern Ohio when I noticed a billboard with a QR Code and the curious sequence of words: Scan – Lick – Cure.

My Google search for scan, lick, and cure returned a Facebook page that – sure enough, used a QR Code as the profile picture. A quick scan with my iPhone led me to the Cones For the Cure website, which explains the joint effort of Cincinnati based Graeter's Ice Cream with The Cure Starts Now Foundation.  

QR Codes are currently a thing of curiosity.  Yet, the more everyone gets familiar with them, the more likely they will find practical uses such as this one.  Here's some information and suggested uses of QR Codes.

Graeter's created a special flavor together with one of their loyal customers to benefit The Cure Starts Now Foundation – a non-profit foundation that was started in 2007 to honor Elena, the six-year old daughter of their customer who was lost to cancer.

Simply scanning the QR Code takes you to the Cones For The Cure landing page where you enter your contact information to receive a coupon for a free scoop of Elena Blueberry Pie ice cream. 

Of course, this small effort of community sharing is intended to create awareness that encourages donations for supporting cancer research, especially for pediatric brain cancer.

Incidentally, Elena Blueberry Ice Cream is increasingly finding national distribution. This is exactly what happened when Tom's Shoes begin to find their way – others wanted to join the cause and help too!

Social Entrepreneurship

The words scan, lick, cure are right on the money for creating curiosity and encourage engagement – and that leads to action.

The words I would choose to describe why this is working are these:  share, link, community.

When friends get together and share, something good often comes of that.  Then, when they link to others in the community, even better things develop.  Before long, that community connects with other communities and even more resources are shared.

That's when some amazing things happen. This is another example of social entrepreneurship in action, a trend that you should consider for your small business.  Remember that markets are communities. Help them and you may be surprised at the mutual benefits.

A Good Cause

I wish them the best and encourage you to make a donation to The Cure Starts Now Foundation.  

There are even some special benefits for your next Graeter's ice cream purchase included for even a modest contribution.

2010Oct26_The Cure Starts Now

If this has been useful – leave a comment below or share it with YOUR friends by clicking the Facebook Like button. 

Until tomorrow, Jeff

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  1. This is fun. WHo doesnt love both ice cream and qr codes .

  2. Patrick – Exactly! And if you haven’t tried Graeter’s – you will be pleasantly surprised.



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