How Facebook is Humanizing Search

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said Facebook is “focused on working with companies who are scrappy – and doing things other companies aren’t.”

This is outstanding news for small businesses who are always pushing the limits.

Zuckerberg is referring to developers who will partner with them to take full advantage of social integration to do for search what it has already done for photos, events, and  games, even video games and sites where you can learn to play them like for example. But their efforts also mean something something to you and me.

And its all about sharing.

Who You are Now Matters in Search

Bill Gates is famous for saying that content is king.  To that, many have come to realize that this is really about the context of that content. That is what makes it special.

In other words, who you are and who you associate with adds context to everything you are – and everything you do.  It’s a simple matter of understanding what something is by association.  Winners and leaders associate with other winners and leaders.

You know what something is by what it isn’t. If exercise is good, then inactivity isn’t.  That’s the idea.

Facebook’s internal search engine is powered by Microsoft’s Bing.  Now they are taking their partnership to the Web where they will use instant personalization to add context to searches – through the wisdom of friends – your friends, and your mutual friends.

Instant personalization is what created the uproar about privacy back in April.  You will still have the option to disable it, but doing so limits your opportunities for establishing your context within your circle of friends and associates that can validate your expertise.

The Future of Search

Up until now, search has been generic – one size fits all. Anyone doing a search receives the same results as others doing that same search.  We’re talking Google, of course. That’s no longer the case with Bing. Now your searches will be driven by the substantial data that Facebook has accumulated on you and your friends.

The purpose of this humanized search is to use algorithms (mathematical formulas) to continuously learn and improve over time.  If you have seen the film Groundhog Day, in which actor Bill Murray repeats the same day over and over – and in the process gets better at achieving his desired intent, you understand how this works.

That is how search is evolving. It is how Facebook managed to translate hundreds of diverse languages for its members. The members were the ones that made the adjustments and corrections based upon local knowledge – not Facebook.

This is a vital social media lesson in collaboration.  When you involve your customers in the process, you will always arrive in a better place.

What This Means for Your Small Business

This concept is still developing.  However, it is clear that Bing and Facebook are not to be ignored for the marketing of your small business.

We all know that the social media has created many self-proclaimed experts.  However, the evidence that resides in those social media objects – anything that is searchable, will validate the true experts. I’m talking about photos, videos, other pieces of searchable content.

Where This is Going

It’s difficult for any of us to fully discern where this is going, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make an attempt to do so.

The context of your content is what is relevant to your expertise.  Facebook is arguably the only platform that provides that context. How? Through your association with friends, influencers, and most importantly, satisfied customers.

As I noted yesterday in my post on keeping up with social media, the most direct and reliable method for achieving your goals is simple:  share with friends.

If this has been useful – share your thoughts with a comment, or click on that Facebook Like button to share it with YOUR friends. 

Enjoy your weekend, Jeff

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  1. The social media landscape seems to change daily. I think for me what this means is that if I just stay focused on providing great content, and combine that with engaging in an online conversation with the right people, and with the right clients, I’ll be in good shape.