SAY What?

The handwriting on the wall is now etched in stone.  TypePad has been acquired by ad network VideoEgg.

VideoEgg actually acquired Six Apart, which is the parent company of TypePad and Moveable Type. Moveable Type is the platform used by mega blog Huffington Post, as well as many others. 

Does this mean changes for TypePad bloggers are inevitable? Let's take a look.


What to Watch

Notwithstanding the dire predictions of Mashable, it remains to be seen what is on the horizon for those of us that are passionate about blogging – and enjoy doing so here on the TypePad platform.  The good news is that we are in good company with heavyweights such as Seth Godin, among many others that have elected to not follow the WordPress herd.

To be prepared for circumstances such as this in your business, it is a good practice to have a back door – a plan B, just in case.  And indeed I have done my research to secure that confidence.  That said, I find it is wise to watch what the leaders are doing, as opposed to the herd.  

Those that follow the herd, as many do in the stock market – often find themselves getting slaughtered. My suggestion is to keep your head and give this a chance.

Market Postion

TypePad serves a niche.  In my opinion it fits nicely between a continuum ranging from microblog platforms such as Tumblr and Posterious on the one side, and the more robust WordPress platform on the other. 

There is no blogging platform without controversy.  Wordpress has had plenty of issues with downtime and viruses, and in fact, those were  reported first by Mashable founder Pete Cashmore.   My point is that perfection is a slippery slope when you are dealing with technology.  Better to carefully consider your specific blogging needs and objectives, as well as your next steps.

Those that know me know I favor TypePad because I believe it is well-suited for small businesses (my audience) that want to blog without the hassle of dealing with the inner workings of the technology. TypePad takes care of that for you – without the need to reload new versions and learn new plug-ins, so that you can focus on what matters most – your business.

The New Organization

SAY Media is the newly named organization that will assume the reins of Six Apart and TypePad, with the TypePad founders sitting on the board of that company.  This suggests to me that they care about the sustainability of their creation.

I owned a business for 20 years that I sold a few years ago. When I did, I knew there would be changes. Yet, I chose my partner with my customers in mind.  While I do not personally know TypePad founders Mena and Ben Trott, I can only hope they feel the same way. It is part of the DNA of being a small business owner.

What Does All This Mean?

You have to make your decisions based upon your particular situation, which will include your tolerance for risk (or gain). I'll just offer this.  If you have operated business for a while, you know that there are always risks – and there are always changes.

Sometimes you can move too quickly and find yourself in a situation that is even more difficult. 

You can jump ship, but that may mean dealing with a few sharks.

Or you can stay with the ship, which is often the best strategy when the waters are choppy. 

That's my plan for now.

As they say – stay tuned.

If this has been useful, leave a comment to share your thoughts.  I'd like to know what's on your mind, and I will promise to respond.  

Until tomorrow, Jeff 


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  1. Thank you so much Jeff. Your write up was just fantastic and thanks for sharing this news….

  2. Hey Bill – Thanks for your comment. I had just caught the news and had 3 hours of flying time to consider all of this.

    Now we just have to see what shakes out.



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