How Often Should I Blog?

To determine how often you should blog, you have to consider the three audiences you are blogging for –  your fans and visitors, the search engines, and you.


Blogging for Your Fans

Your ideal readers have an appetite for what you are blogging. The determination you have to make is how often do they want to be fed.  In the technology space where I often hang out, it seems there is a voracious appetite for content, with many blogs posting multiple times per day.

Many of my small business readers tell me they don’t read my blog every day, and the stats indicate that to be true. What really happens is they read multiple posts early in the week, after which it flattens off for the weekend.

This is why I blog Sunday through Thursday, and occasionally on Friday.  I actually discovered that blogging on weekends decreased my fans appetite on Mondays.  I guess you have to give the lions enough to keep them engaged, but not so much that they aren’t hungry the next day!

Blogging for The Search Engines

The search engines are like a bottomless garbage disposal – they never stop consuming and indexing content.  And indeed, what gets indexed can just as often be garbage as it can be a gourmet serving of content.  This works in favor of some bloggers that are mostly spewing out content that they have scraped from other sources on the Web.

Clearly, the more frequently you blog, the better you will rise in searches if you are carefully using the right keywords in your titles, posts, and tags, as well as cross-linking with your earlier posts. Additionally, more content on the Web encourages more inbound links to your blog, which further helps your SEO.

Blogging for You

When you blog for you, your blog begins to take on a life of its own.  You begin to inhabit a space, which makes your blog something personal, and there are several benefits to that. One is that you begin to develop a unique persona that attracts fans that resonate with you and your message.  

If you blog consistently, you will get better at all aspects of the writing process, and you will build efficiency with developing and fleshing out ideas, which of course makes blogging a lot more enjoyable. And as you become a better writer, you also build your communication and presentation skills

The answer to how often you should blog lies in the balance of what is best for your fans, the search engines, and you.

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Enjoy your weekend – Jeff 

 Photo Credit: Tambako

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  1. The most important factor is to be consistent. This is particularly true for the search engines but it’s also true for your visitors who will start looking for new posts when they pick up on your rhythm. And for you too, finding a regular rhythm and sticking with it will make blogging so much easier.

  2. Susan – Rhythm … I like that! I’ve got mine now, but it changes with the travels and the like, which is what my upcoming week looks like. So, I’m I’m doing some pre-blogging now.

    I’ll hold that thought. Thanks for sharing your insight. 🙂


  3. Susan – Rhythm … I like that.

    I feel that I’ve got mine now, but it changes with travels and other responsibilities, which is why I’m doing some pre-blogging now.

    I’ll hold that thought. Thanks for sharing your insights. 🙂


  4. Thanks for the tips, Jeff. They’re really very helpful. You can say I’m in the third category – I blog for me but I also write to be read. I try to blog 2-3 times a week but if I hit a dry spell – I won’t blog for blogging’s sake. If I don’t have anything interesting to say to my readers on a particular day, I’d rather wait for inspiration!

  5. Good post Jeff.

    It’s tricky getting a feel for how often to blog. A more “techy” audience will expect and consume more content than, say, someone in the Green Industry. I know if I were to blog every single day (or multiple times) I would totally overwhelm my readers–then probably lose them. I stick to Mondays and Thursdays now.

    I think you have a pretty good schedule for the audience you try to reach. I’m probably able to read 40% of your posts, which I think is pretty good.

  6. Anastasia – I almost went back to edit this post to note that blogging for YOU is most important, because that is what brings out the authenticity that readers are looking for.

    So, you are right on with your approach!


  7. Chris – Exactly. I don’t read all of any of the blogs I subscribe to. But there are a few that I read nearly 100% of the time, and I know I have some readers like that because they’ve told me.

    There are always going to be readers that will disconnect because its too much. Yet, in time more people will get comfortable with readers that become a non issue.

    Besides, I feel I’ve gotta keep feeding that lion known as Google!