Illuminate the Unknown with Social Media

One of the challenges with many buying decisions is the fear of making a poor choice.  This was especially true prior to the Internet.

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However, even today you can search the Web and still not find the honest information you need to make your best decision.   This is an opportunity for any small business.  There are stereotypes with any industry, and many of them are based on false rumors or isolated experiences.  All you have to do is shine a light on your business to show your prospects why they can trust you.

If you are the only company in your community doing this to humanize your business, you will stand out like a beacon on a dark night.  Here are some ideas for accomplishing that using any of the social networks.

Illuminate the Essential – What components or elements of your product are essential to its integrity?   When I owned my landscape contracting business I emphasized the structural integrity of the base to the patio or walls as essential – yet hidden elements.  This is where some of my competitors cut corners.  Today, I emphasize my business experience for making social media practical.

Demonstrate the Details – Sometimes the little gadgets that you see as insignificant make the difference because they demonstrate your attention to the details that others have overlooked.  It may not be what the gadgets do, but the fact that they were included at all.

Clarify the Misunderstood – As an arborist, some of my clients would gleam with delight because their pine tree was loaded up with pine cones – “It must be really happy here,” they would proclaim.  Telling them that their tree was seeding itself because it was declining didn’t necessarily make for light conversation, but it certainly helped to build my credibility.

Spotlight the Unsung Hero – Today I gave a keynote presentation on social media to long-term health care professionals – those that typically work in nursing homes.  One of my suggestions for using social media was to put a spotlight on those valued employees who make a difference for the residents in their care.  That’s a powerful form of social marketing.

Acknowledge the Apparent – One of my favorite scenes in the film Fargo is when sales manager Jerry Lungegaard keeps pushing the “clearcoat” rust inhibitor when the buyers clearly don’t want it!  The truth is most cars today are built well enough that you don’t need it, honestly the only thing you will need is an insurance 4 motor trade.  You’ll gain huge credibility with your customers by forgoing a bit of profit to save them money on features or items they simply don’t need.

And as a result, they will put a spotlight on you by telling their friends.

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Until tomorrow, Jeff

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  1. Read your quotes today on Fox about using Flickr for a business. You forgot to mention Yahoo’s Flickr does not allow commercial use without a Yahoo ad contract. Also, you glossed over the fact it’s actually a porno site. Those are important realities that were well worth pointing out to people. Please try harder next time.

  2. Ninth Life – Thanks for bring the article to my attention, I had not yet seen it. Indeed, I thought she did a fine job of capturing how small businesses can effectively use Flickr.

    You have to keep in mind that business people are still people and THAT is what drives the social networks.

    As for your other claims, they are clearly baseless, and evidently intended to disparage Flickr, presumably because YOU are affiliated with another photo sharing site.

    For those reading this that didn’t see the article, here is the link: