How To Add The New Twitter Tweet Button to Your TypePad Blog

You have most likely seen the TweetMeme button on blogs that you have visited.  Twitter has now partnered with TweetMeme to create their own button, which you can easily add to your TypePad blog.

My suggestion is to give this button a prominant location on your blog, just as I hope you have done with the Facebook LIKE button.  This allows both regular readers and casual visitors to quickly and easily share your content with their community, with a trail that leads back to you for building your blog community.

Advantages of the Twitter Tweet Button

  1. Because this button is managed by Twitter, as opposed to outside developers, you can expect the links that are created by it to be around for a long time.  In fact, the link shortener used is owned by Twitter, so this further ensures the sustainability of those Tweets.
  2. The counter on the button gives your readers an idea of the popularity of your small business blog.  This social proof of your credibility serves to encourage more subscribers.  Although, dropped the counter because for some reason mine kept going back to zero.
  3. When you set up your button, you have the option of choosing Twitter accounts that you recommend your fans to follow – such as your own, or course!  And this too encourages new followers to join your Twitter community.

An Instructional Video

How To Add The Button Add it To Your TypePad Blog

First, go to Twitter and choose the Tweet button style that works for you.  After you make your choice, Twitter will create what looks like a paragraph of HTML content at the bottom that you will need to cut and paste.

But first go to the Manage Your Blogs section on your TypePad dashboard and click on Design and then Content.  Then scroll through the Modules options and choose Embed Your Own HTML.   Name this module Tweet Button and simply paste the code, save, and you are done.

Has this been helpful?  If so feel free to comment or give it a Tweet to share it with your community.

Have a great weekend,  Jeff


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  1. I did it! Usually when I read the words “embed HTML code” the rest of the words sound like Charlie Brown’s schoolteacher. You talked it through clearly and understandably. Thanks Jeff!

  2. Susan – Great analogy!

    Glad it worked out for you. Although from Twitter I’m seeing that their new link shortener isn’t always working – but their problem, not ours.

    I’m sure they’ll remedy it.


  3. Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing this. Do you know if it’s possible to add this button to the blog footer?


  4. Jim – The functionality of that footer is controlled by TypePad.

    Good question, as I wouldn’t be surprised if this feature is added at some point in the future.