Social Engagement Works

IStock_SMnetworking_000009458297XSmall We all know that engagement is the key to success with social media.  Now consider translating that to your work off of the social networks.

This year I selected three words as reminders for driving my business.  These three words are:  Strong, People, and Energy.

What I have discovered is that taking a little more time to get to know those in my community, both online and offline, nearly always encourages a stronger relationship that creates more energy with the people I work with (or want to).

There is pretty simple stuff, but it works.  Why?  Because its not a common approach.  You aren't just taking or making time, you are investing it.  The majority in any community are too busy to give you their precious time.  Why?  Because while they will not say so, they are mostly thinking about what their payoff can be. 

That self-centered thinking is a dead-end strategy.  People will surprise you.  Get to know them.  I mentor several college students for no other reason than the desire to help them.  And guess what?  I learn and gain just as much in return.  Working with them energizes me!

Get to know people.  Show that you care as much about them as you do your own objectives.  Take the time for a 30 or 40 minute phone call.  Make time to meet for lunch.  When you make an effort to help others, I promise you will not be disappointed with the results that unfold over time.

I'm often asked why my small business is working out so well in this tough economy.  My answer to that is very simple. I work with people.  Even though I have my own agenda and sometimes don't want to, I'll take a call on a weekend or evening.  I do this because when I look back on my career, I am literally astonished at how this simple effort makes good things happen.

I seriously doubt that I am telling you something you don't already know.  But we all get busy and forget how we got here. 

You have probably heard that most divorces occur because people just quit talking.  Don't let that happen with your customers.  Use social media to engage.

Use your time to build relationships – both personal and professional.  You may not see the end result for your small business, but it will arrive soon enough.  What else are you going to do?  You can shuffle papers in your office or watch more TV, but will that lead to sustainable results?

In many ways this is a mindset. My choice was to choose a few words that work for me.

What are yours?

I'll be traveling tomorrow, doing some serious windshield time – as well as taking a number of planned calls to engage with my community.  So, I'll probably get back to you in a couple of days. —  Jeff

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  1. Great reminder Jeff that everything boils down to people and relationships. Just read discussion about new product development, sales and marketing being at each other’s throats. Perfect example of the importance of communicating and developing an appreciation for each other’s needs and concerns. That helps build another important element to sustain good relationships: trust. There are no short cuts to building strong relationships; it takes time to have shared experiences and experiences take time. People,hence relationships, cannot be optimized per se. Good reminder to invest in relationships, not to abandon good ones once you have them and a strong argument for looking at the people behind a product. I always tell JobWhiz clients ( who most often are executives seeking their next position via networking)that their connections are their “career insurance.” Once they’ve invested in developing contacts, don’t abandon them when they are not fulfilling an immediate need like job references or supplying potential job leads. By keeping in touch, you maintain a rich resource and help each other. Relationships make the world go round and keep your world centered!

    Hope that you are enjoying the time behind the windshield.


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