How to Say Thank You with Social Media

This has been an exceptional week for me and my family.  I have been hired to speak for several new clients, celebrated my son's college scholarship awards, and been moved by inspirational stories of loss and love.

These occurrences are not linear events.  Relationships, events, and apparent chance encounters have made the difference.

Thank You -
If you stop and take the time, you soon realize there is so much that adds to the texture of your life, that contributes to your well being and success, and that moves you to be a better person.  Everything is interconnected.  You cannot isolate one relationship or encounter or element that contributes to your success.  It all matters.

And that is a great lesson for how the social networks operate, and why you should appreciate, celebrate, and encourage it.  Let's take a look at how we all can do that.

Tell a Story

This is my favorite way of showing appreciation.  The power lies in the story that makes everything come alive.  Stories show us the way through education, inspiration, motivation, and most importantly, by example.  Long before the social Web came into being, this is how knowledge, wisdom, and experience was passed along.  

Give it a try. Share a story about someone in your community, someone that you admire, or that has helped you along the way.  Not only are you honoring their uniqueness, but you enhance your value to your community through that story.  This is a gift that you give not only to your community, but to the main character in your story. 

And that's pretty cool indeed!

Make a Comment

Whether you are a blogger or a casual Facebook user – you love comments!  Comments are the engagement that circulates and encourages more of the same.  If you receive comments on your blog or Facebook wall, I hope you return the favor.

Call this what you will, but at its most basic level, this is a subtle way of valuing and humanizing your social media experience. 


The social networks help us to remember.  In fact, this is almost impossible to avoid. You are probably getting pretty good at "remembering" birthdays because the networks remind you to!  Why not be more proactive at remembering those friends you have temporarily lost touch with.

One of my favorite methods for doing this is with the technology that Facebook offers.  Facebook only sends you the feed of those that you have recently connected with. 

Here's the trick. Stroll through your hundreds of Facebook friends and you will realize you haven't connected many of them in a while.  Just make a comment or 'like' one of their recent posts and voila – thanks to the Facebook technology, you will begin to see their posts in your stream.  

The Value

What's the value of this?  It's engagement.  It's recognizing that the social Web is about people – just as it is in the offline world.  If you are pounding out your marketing message with mostly silence in return, then you probably need to work on your engagement.

When I trace through all that contributed to making this week what it has been for me, I am honestly astounded by those interrelationships.  As one of my friends recently mentioned – "There is no way you can plan this."  He's right. 

One lesson for sure is that I am thankful for the actions I have made.

The more important one is to wonder about the future possibilities if I do more of the same.

Small actions inevitably lead to results.

Now go make some amazing things happen!

Thank you for reading this far.  Please consider subscribing to the feed and I will do my best to add value to your reading experience.

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  1. Thank you for a great post and reminder of the value of relationships in social media. I just wish the privacy issues with FB were not creeping up behind us. It taints it for some lately. Thanks.

  2. With so many users spending large amounts of time on Facebook, you do have to remember to keep connecting with them. I did not realize that about the recent connections being displayed while others are ignored. Good info. What do you think about number of connections? Or maybe I should ask do you see a means to rate quality of connections? I find too many connections take away from my focus, but there are some connections which seem negative, and I am debating what to do about them.

  3. Jennifer – Thank you … ha ha, you are reading my mind on a future post.

    I recently had my FB profile wiped clean when they changed their technology. So, in other words, by not playing ball with their new share guidelines, I got punished.

    Stay tuned for the whole story!


  4. Frank – Yes, that is how I recently connected with you on FB. I was looking for someone in a search, your name came up, so I just dropped in and “liked” one of your posts and just like that your feed started coming my way – and I presume vice-versa.

    Now that I’m over 500 friends I’ll start experimenting with FB lists. I have a quite a few ‘friends’ that I don’t really know, but we have up to 200 friends in common. So, then I can reach out to them via social media or plan to do so at industry events.

    Same with Twitter, the lists can help if you use them. It takes some discipline that I’m beginning to build ….when I have time. 🙂


  5. I think it is soo small because social media give us a lot

  6. It’s a little disheartening to me that simply commenting on a person’s page is considered “proactive” today in terms of maintaining your online relationship. However, since FB’s feed feature is setup exactly as you described, it’s also great that this simple act can bring someone closer to your life and keep you more updated about what is going on in their lives.

  7. I was having similar thoughts as I respond to the many comments I’ve received this week. How often though do you get no response? I know I do a lot, which is why I try to reach out to as many that have made the effort to say hello.

    Thanks for doing so!