How to Brand Your Social Media Value

One of the early benefits of social media was being able to quickly learn what you would typically have had to wait for from traditional sources.  Now that we have real time search, you can get hints of new developments within seconds of when they occurred.

In this respect, we are social media.  You and I can be just as newsworthy as the traditional news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  This is exactly why they are working hard to add commentary to the new by giving perspectives. 

You -

What is Your Value?

Obviously, the traditional news outlets have recognized that if they are going to remain relevant, they have to find other ways to add value to the news.

What I am noticing on the social Web is there is still a proliferation of spreading news, as opposed to enhancing it.  One classic example is ReTweeting.  While there is indeed some value to that, due to the fact that we all have our own audiences, it is something that can easily be replicated.

From a marketing standpoint, ReTweeting is a lot like matching a lower price – anyone can do it.  And it only goes to reason that the big boys and girls will be able to do this better because they will probably have larger teams and more resources to work with than small businesses like yours.

A Better Idea

My suggestion to to focus less on trying to be first, and more on being better.  Let the news settle, but not too long, and then give a perspective that is especially relevant to YOUR market, YOUR customers, and YOUR audience.  When you put your name on that, you have enhanced and captured your value.

If everyone is speculating about how an upcoming development in technology, or anything else in your sphere of influence, why not sit back for a while.  Study the commentary.  Then after everyone is tired of hearing the same news from so many sources – boom! – you jump in and give an insightful viewpoint, or more importantly, a pragmatic example of how YOU actually made it work!

Be a Me

Are you good at taking the complex and breaking it down so that anyone can understand?  Then that is a strength you need to capitalize on.  And that is the kind of news that will endure and be ReTweeted for a much longer period of time.

This happens to be one of my strengths.  And this you can count on:  I will NOT bring anything to you in this blog that I have not used, studied, or personally experienced.  My goal is to take you beyond the hype.  My goal is to take what everyone is saying is cool – and then showing you how YOU can use it to achieve results.

And that is my suggestion for making your social media presence one that moves from just being a connector to the news, to one that others can count on for an insightful, honest, and therefore, a valuable brand building perspective. 

Why be a me too when you can a me?

That's your value and your brand!

You must have a story about how you have done this.  Why not share your story in a comment?

  Photo Credit: Bright Tal

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