How To Reinvent Traditional Marketing for the New Economy

You may have seen President Obama's appearance on Jay Leno a few days ago.  This was an historic moment. Why? —Because Obama is using the "old" media in new ways to market his agenda. Instead of holding a stuffy press conference where everyone is reading between the lines of his carefully planned script — to find out what he really has to say – he got out there in the mainstream media, took a chance,  and used television in a way only the President of the United States could.  I suspect what he was really doing was warming us up for his press conference tonght.  And yes, he did make an offhand comment for which he had to apologize, but guess what?:  That may have done more to build his credibility and authenticity than anything else he said.  He shoots.  He scores!

In my previous blog post I commented that traditional media outlets are dying.  My premise is they have to reinvent themselves in ways that they have not yet imagined.  To my surprise, exactly five days later there was a two page spread published in the USA Today that agrees with me, while also adding some excellent supporting data.  They note that they themselves, as well as those newspapers that have already gone under, will have to dramatically change their approach and invent a model that presently doesn't exist.  I believe they can accomplish this because they seem to clearly understand what is going on.

How can you reinvent your marketing efforts in your business?  Social media marketing is an obvious choice if you are an entrepreneur.  You may now be using this new marketing platform in the new ways for which is was intended.  That's good.  Now ask yourself how you can reinvent your traditional ways for more impact, a greater reach, and great profits. 

You are the boss.  You are in control of your marketing.  Nobody is holding you back.  Your only limitation is your imagination.  What would you do if you were NOT limited by traditional thinking?  This is what is going to bring you, me, and many other entrepreneurs out of this economic funk that we are all finding ourselves in. 

2009Mar21_ObamaStart with what's working now and think about how you can flip it upside down for new results.  That's right, just turn it on its head!  Consider what has not worked that you could now advantage yourself of by applying it in new, different, or better ways — maybe even using social media.

The new model for success in this economy relies on the value you are able to bring to your marketplace.  What do your customers really want to know?  How can help them?  How can you deliver that message in a way that it will stick – and bring more business to your door?  You know your customers and your business better than anyone. You just need to turn a few things upside down, throw them right out the window, or get your team together to blow open the doors of your business in transformative ways.  Reinvent, reform, rebuild – for greater rewards.

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