Flexible Mindset Engages Your Clients

Chicago finally got another decent snowfall today!  It started just after rush hour – or not, depending upon how early you rise.  Yet, this picturesque, fluffy snowfall seems to be giving drivers fits as they crawl along at a snails pace.  Some folks don’t seem to understand the key to driving in snow is to let go – and feel the feedback the car gives you – so you can respond accordingly. 

These are also great lessons in running a business – especially regarding the monitoring of your marketing efforts.  If you let go and really absorb the feedback the marketplace is giving you, you’ll be able to appropriately respond and make the right adjustments.  If you hold on too tightly, it’s all you coming at them and the result is going to be a long slide into a place where you don’t want to be!

There is some risk involved in the letting go I’m referring to, because it has to be coupled with the right actions. This isn’t a passive act.  You need to step on the accelerator with confidence while having a light touch.  If you don’t move forward with confidence, you’ll never achieve the results you are looking for.  If you are too regimented in your approach, you’ll miss the good stuff – which is the pleasure of the ride and the ability to respond to the signals that keep you on track and connected. You need a flexible mindset that starts with simply focusing on the quality of your actions.  This is what engages you with your clients.  If your marketing is consistent with this, you are on your way to building a likeable, and successful brand.

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