Be Ready for the Opportunity to Make a Difference for Your Customer

Does your staff know how far they can go to help your customer?  I had an experience yesterday that raised this question for me.  I was returning to the airport from a speaking engagement to fellow green industry professionals.  Here’s what happened. Just as the shuttle dropped me off at the Louisville, Kentucky airport, I realized my cell phone was missing.  I stepped inside the terminal and looked around. My first thought was every person here probably has a cell phone with unlimited minutes that I could borrow.  Nevertheless, I asked for the nearest pay phone. A couple of dollars in quarters produced no results.  I suppose I needed a calling card. Yet, who carries a calling card today when you can just use your cell phone?  I hustled over to the Fifth Third Bank to get more change.  The manager allowed me to use her phone to call the hotel to track down my phone.  After numerous calls and discussions with the staff members at the Galt House Hotel , my cell phone was discovered at the shuttle desk.  A quick minded bell captain drove it over to me and I made the last flight out to Chicago that evening.  Whew! 

The manager at the bank was just closing when I arrived, yet she stayed an extra thirty minutes just to help me out. The bell captain from the hotel used his personal car to bring me the phone so I could make the flight.  Wow! Clearly, there was no hesitation for either of these kind souls regarding the best action to take.  In less than thirty minutes, my perception of their respective companies jumped a huge notch – all because of one kind act. 

The call of duty beyond the ordinary only comes once in a while, and you have to know in advance what to do.  Is your staff clear about how far you want them to go to please a customer – even when it’s outside of their normal duties?  While considering that, let me ask you how much loyalty you think you can build if your staff is trained to recognize opportunities like this for demonstrating exceptional customer service?  I’ll tell you one thing; I plan to be at this same hotel and airport later this year and will be sure to stop and say thank you again to these fine individuals – and their managers too!

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